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brief relief. right now it is are around 100- degrees in washington and dulles. we have the excessive heat morning -- warning. again, a very, very hot day. i will tell you about the storms, and also -- what is going on? why have we had such a record- breaking the expanse of heat? i will join you in a few minutes. >> alright. some folks had no choice but to be outside and others found a way to stay cool out there. we have live coverage live from silver spring. >> you just have to step outside. we're noticing that people in silver spring are venturing out no doubt after a day of being
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inside in air-conditioning. for most of this day, it was absolutely miserable. >> triple-digit weather at the nation's capitol today. people are desperate for relief. >> it is unbearable. this is worse than yesterday. is just hot. >> even the normal cooler morning hours were not effective. that means these construction workers started the day in sauna-lik conditionse . >> customers tried to endure the heat by fanning themselves in drinking water. >> it is hard to breathe. >> this delivery man will work of 14-hour day. the only upside -- he is
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delivering ice cream. >> i am used to it normally. this is a little bit on the extreme side. it is hotter than heck. >> we saw with the heat index 113 today we just went to the matinee and beat the heat that way. >> others chose to take to the ice to cool off. >> it is so hot and this is so cool. >> and as a way to conquer the heat, a lot of people are setting their sights on sunday, and it is amazing a high temperature of 95 can look so good. reporting live from silver spring, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the heat can turn dangerous quickly. we have more from shady grove
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hospital in rockville. >> amazingly, at shady grove hospital told me they have not seen a significant increase in trips to the e.r. that are heat- related. but the elderly and those with respiratory problems are at greater risk. and also those who are pregnant. she is pregnant with twins. she ended up at shady grove hospital today after nearly collapsing at a bus stop. >> i was weak, shaking. >> were you worried about going into labor? >> yes, i was. >> and that can happen, doctors say. >> you get more dehydrated. and dehydration can lead to labor. >> by increasing the level of a hormone that stars contractions. but everyone at -- but everyone is at risk in temperatures this high. everyone was hightailing it to
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someone cooler. >> i just went in neihaus. -- in the house. >> montgomery county even at deploying its emergency bus. >> this is critical. critical to the rehab efforts. we have to get them cool off. >> but after being dehydrated, and she headed home with a device for others. >> i had two bottles of water and i drink them both and still got dehydrated. >> officials tell me they did not have to open any of their cooling centers in montgomery county but this is a very important time to remind people to check in on their elderly neighbors, make sure their air- conditioning is working, make sure they are ok. live in moscow, abc7 news. >> thank you. the last place people want to be
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in this heat, a stop the train. but passengers felt more on their -- warmer on the train cars then outside. metro train conductors turned off the lights to warn passengers to stay away. >> the heat is miserable. >> absolutely. 22 states are under an excessive heat warning today up and down the east coast, and there is no break just yet. we are live in arlington with more. >> we are certainly not alone. right now i am in the shadow of a high-rise. you have to be creative. it was 106 in the car without the heat index. as you mentioned this heat wave is all over the coast. they are dealing with heat that is not only oppressive, but
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deadly. >> whether shall ring in a burst of fire hydrants, buying ice or finding any way possible to stay cool. >> terrible. i cannot stand this whether. >> at least 22 deaths are being blamed on the heat so far. in chicago, six have died at the hands of mother nature. >> it was 90 when i woke up this morning. >> city officials in new york panic over power consumption. >> this, we think will be the most restful day on the electric grid and in recent history maybe ever. >> the mayor and implored citizens not to set their thermostats in the lower than 79 to avoid power outages. and while air-conditioning repairman were treated like heroes today -- >> it is the same.
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>> these movers gave up. >> in pittsburgh, this man got stuck in a hot -- got stuck on the hot tar while working on our roof. >> it is like atlanta he. >> it is hardly a one-day event. preparation is key. you are already seen in one area of the country, the detroit region, they have been nine intentional rolling blackouts. in arlington, at abc7 news. >> we are not among. thank you. we want to see how you were dealing with the heat today. these are pictures from a viewer of her dog cooling-off in ekil. you can send your pictures to i witness at you can check out the photo gallery on our website.
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>> we go to norway where of -- where an apparent terrorist bombing has taken place. no one is claiming responsibility. the international community is left to wonder who would want to attack oslo and why? jen? >> is truly shocking when you talk about the teenage victims. it began with a blast at norway's capitol, and then a gunman opened fire on young people. the suspected gunman was captured and just moments ago a government official repeal there is no official reason. two terrorist attacks in a country that has not seen such violence since world war ii. the impact has not been realized. a deadly attack at the government offices of norway's
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prime minister. the prime minister was working from home and was on harmed. but at least seven people were killed. that number fluctuated throughout the day and was expected to rise. they share a common bond. >> we are, of course, shocked. >> a gunman dressed in a police uniform opened fire on a can. it happened just outside oslo. we found the video shot in 2009. is a political youth camp for teenagers. the teenagers ran for cover. police say there are nine dead. there is an eye witness to more than 20 bodies.
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>> i want to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway. is a reminder that the entire national community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror. >> the young people are around that island. now a possible connection. the police say the same gun man was found earlier -- was spotted earlier near the blast site before the explosion. abc7 news. coming up, a tour bus crash in new york could have been worse if it was not for real life hero. >> and is she or isn't she? panda watch 2011 is over. >> and preparing for the 150th anniversary. it will be 115 degrees for these
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reactors. >> what if you were getting married outside tomorrow? you are going to be the bride trying
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>> and jeweler in loudon county is facing charges tonight. police arrested the 36-year-old roberts mikhail. is accused of stealing jewels in two different cases. he offered to clean a woman's diamond the engagement ring in give it back with a glass diamond. now we turn back to the heat wave. a could be up perfect wedding day, but picture of the wedding day during a blistering heat wave. we found a bride whose wedding is tamara. she is trying to stay cool. >> i am excited to get married. >> after almost a year of planning she as hours away from becoming a blushing bride. but in this keeps coming
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everyone at the wedding will be flush. >> i hope it is not too hot. we have fans on the inside of the tent and we're trying to prepare as much as we can. >> we caught up with her picking up her dress today which we will not show you, of course. but with the hot weather, at least it is strapless. her reception at the historic decatur house is near the white house. >> we were prepared if it rained and i had back the places to take photographs. but i never thought well, what if it is 115 degrees? >> they got creative. be the wedding programs double as fans. and there is a backup plan for the groomsman. >> they have t-shirts for the groomsmen so they can feel a
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little bit cooler. >> it is the hottest day ever. >> and the bride is calm and collected, if not cool. >> if i am hot and sweaty, then my family and loved ones do not mind. and if they do, then maybe they should not be there anyway. >> a very good point. and there will be an area with strong air conditioning for the guests to retreat to. they are already asking if they can take off their jackets and roll up their sleeves during the party. you were going to see a lot of that. the heat index got up to 121. tomorrow it will be 110. >> oh. >> tell us about it. >> folks who have lived around here for years and years, i cannot remember anything like this. it has been an exceptional.
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around us. it began as a drought. now it covers much of texas and oklahoma. the sunshine was reflected back into the air, and the heat built day after day. temperatures stayed over 100 for weeks in parts of kansas oklahoma, and texas. at the same time as the unrelenting drought in the southern plains, the northern plains was suffering under record flooding. the flood crest of the mississippi and missouri took weeks to come back down. then in july, the southern heat began to expand into the saturated north. usually humid air moves north into the gulf of mexico, but this year, it was the saudi humid soil across thousands of square miles that added millions of tons of moisture creating an
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unprecedented massive dome of heat and humidity that made many cities feel like calcutta. we have record heat spreading from texas to vermont and we have he warnings from kansas to maine to north carolina. and we are right in the middle. but there is some relief in site. but it will be late monday and tuesday, and today over 200 million people were under the heat affect or the drought effect. >> well, that is amazing. >> all ipod. dry heat in texas. today was the hottest morning we have seen in washington for years and years and years. we have a little out flow from that thunderstorm i mentioned earlier. high temperatures at reagan national. 101 degrees. early this morning it got down to only 83 degrees in washington which meant that was the warmest morning.
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that was the record for the morning. that is the warmest morning since 1999. look. thurgood marshall -- 105. we did not have a record here in washington but we can close. here are those thunderstorms that pop up. they will be a bit more extensive. they are producing some lightning and clouds, especially around winchester. the damage there -- you see one little patch that is dying out right now. you can see that outflow that is moving to the south of washington around the potomac and silver spring. that is where these cells are dying out. if you are around stafford, he may seem -- you may see the outflow from the storms began with the morning low temperatures again. 83 here in washington.
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new york city -- 84 degrees. and the dew point, that is the thing. we are sweating corn and soybeans from the upper midwest. beginning tonight and tomorrow, we will see -- we will see some more stability. you can see showers pop up, and with more cloud, both of which will help keep the temperature is down, to a little bit more bearable levels. once again there will be some afternoon thundershowers. for the afternoon clear and hot in washington, unless we get another red these thunderstorms to pop up. at the nighttime, it is the unrelenting heat that is as much a danger as in the daytime. more thunderstorms on sunday. late monday into tuesday, yes, i can use the word "comfortable."
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temperatures will probably get into the high 80's. send us your pictures. when your dog kicks you out of the pool, then you know it is really hot. there is everybody. >> i do not mind the heat. send as your pictures at they can deal with the heat. >> thanks, bob. today is the last day to give away "who wants to be a millionaire" audition tickets. >> good luck at the auditions. we will be rooting for you. and we will be giving away another ipad 2. just go to and follow the directions on the left side of the page.
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we will announce the winner right here on abc 7 news next week. coming up, breathing a sign of relief later in life. >> most seniors are a little in denial about how serious the heat is. >> plus heat intervention during this dangerous weather. >> and find out who was responsible for making sure
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>> one person died and several others were hurt after a fiery crash between a tractor-trailer and a tour bus in new york city. >> while there was one fatality, it could have been worse if not for the quick action of a soldier. >> a skeleton of the tour bus is all that is left after the early morning collision and the giant fireball captured in a cell phone video shot by another driver. >> we stepped back, and there were several explosions. be tires flew off. within a few minutes the emergency vehicles came. >> only one person died in the crash, a 59-year-old man from
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michigan who was driving a tractor trailer that police say crashed into the tour bus. the bus was on its way to new york city with 53 people including the driver on board. the bus pulled off the road for a mechanical problem and may have been re-entering the roadway when it was hit. >> we were surprised there were not more fatalities on this bus. and there were not more seriously hurt than the two. >> perhaps the biggest reason so many survived -- witnesses said a soldier from a nearby army base ran into the burning bus told as many passengers as he could to stay, and then anonymously slipped away. >> we are interviewing. >> this is the latest in a rash of tour bus crashes this year. the deadliest one killed 15 people in march also in new
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york. abc7 news, new york. coming up at 5:00, kate middleton's undressed is on show for all to see. we will show you where -- wedding dress is on show for all to say. we will show you where. >> it is nice to get out of washington. >> president obama holds at town hall at a local college. hear what he has to say about the debt ceiling. >> do you think it is hot? how about c
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>> you are watching the abc7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> if you think it is hot, but just imagine sitting in an open field wearing a hoop skirt or a uniform. >> the heat of battle turned out to be too much for some. will live in manassas with more. >> that is right. we are enjoying all light breeze but thousands are camped here at manassas. they are in it for the weekend. tomorrow at 9:30 is when the actual battle begins. >> fire!
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>> if you could hear this weather, it might sound like this. the jarring blast you cannot seem to escape. but they are drawn to the cannons here in manassas. it is the 150th anniversary of the first battle of the civil war. people have been camped here for days in garden gear. >> we have been here since tuesday night. >> how was that going for you? >> is hot. >> she wore 10 layers of cotton underpinnings. modern-day emergency personnel are here throughout the weekend and all through the battle reenactments. >> they are in trouble as well. >> they are looking to the prison for ways to stay cool. >> i will be out here tomorrow
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and sunday. i would not miss it for nothing. >> this is the memory of something. >> next year is frederiksberg. that will be quite interesting in december. >> just like everywhere else, it is dinnertime at this camp. they are standing over the camp fire. they say that tomorrow morning they will be open -- they will be up at 9:30, ready for the battle the reenactment of the battle of manassas. depending on the weather conditions they may condense the time period and get it done before 12:00 noon. thank you. it is time to update the top stories. the hot weather is acting almost everyone in some y. -- affecting everyone in some
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way. 22 deaths are being blamed on the nationwide heatwave. we are continually monitoring developments from norway where explosions injured seven people. and authorities fear the death toll will rise. the suspect is in custody right now, will be to be norwegian. president obama let back to college today, but he did not go to class. he held a town hall meeting at the university of maryland. we're live with what the president had to say today. mark? >> that is right. today, it was president obama's town hall meeting. it lasted about an hour. mostly students crowded in your. he says this is the first time
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in weeks he has been able to leave the bubble of the white house. >> it is nice to get out of washington. >> the message he came to deliver was to congress about the ongoing budget negotiation. >> whether i like it or not, i have got to get the debt ceiling raised. defaulting is not an option. >> the president continued to push for a big budget deal. outside the town hall, most people said they liked what they heard. >> i thought it was great. is covered a lot of topics. >> but not everybody got the answers they came for. >> is it going to come back around? no one asked that question. >> 1 boy did get to -- one girl did get to ask her question. >> what should i teach my students about how our government works if we are saying we will not compromise with the other party?
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>> you should keep on teaching your students to compromise. that is not just how government works. that is how life works. >> this woman came with her daughter. >> i wanted to hear definitely about education. >> but not everybody was pleased with the questions or the answers. >> i was looking for some more pardoning questions. his environmental record is astounding. >> about a dozen protesters were here. they were across from the coliseum. inside there were dignitaries including gov. martin o'malley. in case you're wondering if there were ground rules for asking questions, the president had 1. he went boy, girl, boy girl. abc7 is. -- abc7 news. is another disappointment
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for the city's panda watch. the panda is not pregnant after all. >> aw. >> they were performing at ultrasounds on her earlier this month. she has only given birth earlier. >> she is a beauty. >> she is. >> but the zoo is experiencing a different kind of baby boom. four red pandas have given birth since the beginning of the year. zookeeper's are keeping a close eye on them. and two other panda cubs were born on june 5. if you would like to see photos of the baby red pandas, check out our website at >> and now to check out the traffic situation. very heavy delays on the
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beltway. on the outer loop, you are also seeing very heavy delays between rich and marbel road. pretty much any camera and you can, you're going to be seeing delays on the beltway. an accident on the shoulder. then you are slow again all the way to the dulles toll road. alatas delays -- a lot of delays on the georgetown pike. things are easing up on the inner loop. back to you in the studio. >> all rights. have a good week, mike. gov. martin o'malley makes a big announcement on gay marriage. >> plus a local woman has a winning and spending attitude. >> and preparing for a partial shutdown in a few hours for the faa. that is comin
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>> as we speak, a group of young women from maryland are trying to bring home a national championship from norway. if they do that, they will
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compete next year. they're keeping a family business thriving while helping young girls reach for the stars. the wheaton twirlers perform on high energy routine. >> music. keep smiling. >> and it is working. sense -- since candy's mo starm the program they hold the most titles in world history. they also have the most work montgomery county. >> they are dedicated and committed to growing in being the very best. >> kennedy is also a pre- kindergarten teacher in highland
5:42 pm
county and a head coach. at the same time, she has raised two boys ages 22 and 15. >> it is great to be with them at the end of the day. >> they are up like their own group of daughter's. >> kennedy says she is passing along importance lessons about dedication determination and a strong work ethic. she hopes about this. >> we learned that the wheaton team won in the national championship. they will be representing the u.s. in switzerland next year. if you want more details go to our website way to go, guys. up next, a new benefit to
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best -- to breast feeding that could benefit your baby later in life. >> it was 106 degrees today. >> [unintelligible] >> and those you
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we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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>> while many of us are hunkering down indoors until the heat wave passes, another group needs to keep cool. >> senior citizens especially needs to be the heat, but not all of them are taking the heat wave seriously. >> many citizens over 85 have dementia. it becomes easy to forget simple tasks like turning on the air conditioner. that combined with medications and means -- means that there are special precautions to keep senior state. sylvia cooper loves to walk outside. but on days like this, she and her care giver take walks inside
5:47 pm
her assisted living facilities. cooper knows it is hot outside. >> the weather is too hot. she likes warm weather. >> it is nice. >> but she needs reminders about how to keep cool inside. >> you have to turn on the air conditioner. she does not really like it on. i have to talk to her and reminder of the temperature outside. >> like many seniors she is especially vulnerable to the heat because of her medications. not all seniors fully recognize the dangers on these triple digit dates. >> a lot of them are in denial. >> they performed what they called heat interventions with a number of clients. >> they are turning on the air conditioning taking of the blanket. >> because many suffer from alzheimer's or dementia, they
5:48 pm
may forget to use the air conditioner or become confused about how to cool down if they are hot. >> you may not remember that's air-conditioning exists. you may be in your mind 20 years old and when you were 20 they did not have air-conditioning. >> they recommend making small changes, things we should all do. this includes: not your car before getting inside and eating smaller meals. european researchers found that children who were never breastfed had a 50% chance of developing asthma and wheezing compared to other children. according to the cdc over 7 million children are living with asthma today. kate middleton's wedding dress is on display in buckingham palace. fans have purchased more than
5:49 pm
1000 advance tickets for the exhibit which opens tomorrow. the exhibit will also feature her veil and even her bridal issues. the exhibit will be open until october 3 and cost about $28. you know that is going to be sold out. >> it looks like there are a couple of enhancements their. >> really? >> just one man's judgment. >> i did not know you were an expert. >> i am a guy. of course i am an expert. >> help us out. >> one thing that is cooling off around here -- the debt talks. you will find out why both sides are not very optimistic about reducing the debt ceiling. and the reality chat about what it really feels like. those stories and more. we will see you as 6:00.
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>> alright. here's a look at abc 7 prime- time. >> "special powers, super humans." meet people with special abilities, including this wind walker. >> that special is on tonight at 9:00, followed by another "20/20," a look at childhood schizophrenia. and stick around for 11:00 news. >> and you can get cooler. >> what ever you can do. >> 5,000 feet up, it is still in the 70's. let me show you the live doppler. i saw a couple more little cells pop up. you can see -- there it is. id is are around reagan.
5:51 pm
heading towards clinton. boy. we have that outflow. heading to the south of manassas. these are bringing a little bit of brief relief whether. unfortunately, with the humidity, in town, the low temperatures again will be above 80 degrees dunites in our roe. tomorrow, 100 degrees. by sunday afternoon there will be afternoon thunderstorms. keep an eye peeled for that. there is our live radar. you can keep track of these things as they pop up. again, more tomorrow. and sunday, also. this really does not come until the weekend. 95. that is the high temperature. things will get a little bit cooler.
5:52 pm
all right, tell us about this nfl deal. >> are you ready for some football? well hold on, sparky. 0, so close. here is the latest. here comes. from the collective bargaining talks. it looks like there will not be any agreement today. talks were halted today while owners and players attended the funeral. the players have said, hold on. they want to slowly, carefully go over all the details of the contract before they vote on it. meantime the clock is still ticking. the longer the stock the greater the chance they start canceling -- the longer they stall, the greater the chance they start canceling exhibition games. >> we want to play football. we want to go back to work. but we are not going to agree to any deal unless it is the right
5:53 pm
deal for all players. >> [unintelligible] our timing -- >> is this thing really over? >> no, not yet. there is no labor agreement. but do not tell the cincinnati bengals. be team -- the team sent an e- mail to season-ticket holders saying a deal has been reached. this is why folks, the cincinnati bengals are at the cincinnati bengals. and speaking out after he was fired by the former best golfer in the world, he said he was very disappointed after being dumped by tiger. now williams says he will write a book about being his caddy. he says it will include an
5:54 pm
interesting chapter on tiger. by the way he never signed a confidentiality agreement during his years with tiger. >> wow. >> they were in each other's way. >> alright. >>
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>> of big announcement in maryland today surrounding gain marriage. >> gov. martin o'malley wants to accept and approved boehner rich. >> the governor says he will not only sponsor a bill supporting same-sex marriage in maryland, he will make it a part of his administrative package. >> i endorse a bill that protect merrill equality rights. >> it barre's government from penalizing institutions.
5:58 pm
>> no one will be compelled in any way to recognize performed a marriage between anyone they do not want. >> since this legislation passed in the maryland senate, it has stalled in the house of delegates by a few votes. that caused lobbying behind the scenes. >> this is going to be a tough sell but it is the right cell. >> not everyone agrees. >> man is supposed to be between a man and woman. >> others say it is about time. >> it does not matter what your sexual preference is. >> the governor says what is different this time, there's a much broader coalition of support front and center in supporting this legislation. even supporters admit this will be a tough fight. abc7 news. >> said its bid for abc7 news at
5:59 pm
5:00. coming up at 6 it is dangerously hot. cl commuters are dealing with the keep. also the president and lawmakers are close to making a deal now. and your weekend travel plans. coming up now at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> if you did not think it could get any hotter this week, you did not wait long enough. >> the all-time records at dwi were shattered. this is the time -- this is the first time we have hit triple digits. and there is more to come. >> we have more on the triple digit heat. we are tracking the way commuters and others are handling it.

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